The Tortuga S.r.l. website was created to provide comprehensive information about our products and services, the history of the company and news.

In order to offer you some of these services during your visit, you will be asked to provide personal information. Any personal information will be treated in accordance with the legislation in effect regarding the protection of personal information.
In accordance with italian legislative decree 196/2003, all personal data that you agree to freely provide will be gathered and handled directly by Tortuga S.r.l., owner of the data handling.

When you confirm the submittal of your information, you agree to the handling of this information. If you do not provide the information when registering for any service requested by you and if you do not agree to the handling of the data for this purpose by Tortuga S.r.l. you will not be able to use the service requested. With your agreement, Tortuga S.r.l. may use the information provided by you to update the company's databases for the sales, promotional and marketing purposes associated with the products and services.

In accordance with Article 7 of italian legislative decree 196/2003 you have the right to know the data that is handled by us and also request that it be incorporated, modified or deleted as necessary. In order to do this, you may write to the owner of the data handling: Tortuga S.r.l. - Corso Sempione 11 - 20145 Milano.                                      

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